Our operational hub is located in Madrid, Spain, providing us with a practical and adaptable workspace..

It’s divided into 3 levels and with more than 300 m2 used by the team to develop our landscape architecture projects.

Our Virtual Reality Cage, the creative office and the library, everything is designed to enhance our clients' experience during the design process.


Here you can see more information about our studio.

Our projects actively involve our clients throughout the entire design process.

Team 0

Landscape Designers

They are responsible for bringing to life both the visible and the invisible aspects of an exterior architecture project. The physical and the abstract. It is art, but it is also science. Their work requires observation, imagination, planning, and design.

Team 1


They are in charge of developing ideas and design methods in landscape planning. In our team, architects discuss the space and the relationship between the garden and the buildings inside and outside the design space.

Team 2

The Botanist

Botany has been with us since forever. He is the expert in the science of plant life and its harmonious integration within each landscape we design. An essential link when projecting sustainable spaces in every city or country where we design a new garden.

Team 3


Designing unique spaces implies that we must be prepared to solve any technical issue that arises in each project. In this way, our designs, in addition to being beautiful and functional, are also efficient and sustainable.

Team 4

Project managers

Multitasking. Definition, planning, cost and goal control of our clients, finding problems and seeking their solutions. An essential figure to lead the on-site work monitoring and coordination of all companies involved in the execution works.

Team 5

VR specialist

Our team works with virtual models from the first day of work on each project. The VR specialist is responsible for creating unique virtual reality experiences so that projects come to life. An immersive project presentation.

Team 6

Brand strategist

Valued team member capable of translating complex ideas and concepts into clear communication so that all information is digestible for everyone involved in a corporate project.