Artificial Intelligence Course for Landscape Architects

Artificial Intelligence has become an essential component in numerous professional fields, including architecture, interior design, and landscaping

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November 2023



Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential component in numerous professional fields, including architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Aware of this emerging reality, DSTUDIO, under the direction of Daniel Valera, as part of its research project Creating Alliances with Artificial Intelligence (DLAB), presents an intensive 12-hour course: "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Architects, Interior Designers and Landscapers". This course is designed to provide a fundamental and practical understanding of AI and its application in these creative fields.


Course Objective

The main objective of this course is to equip design professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and apply AI in their projects. Through a theoretical-practical approach, participants will explore how AI can be a powerful tool in research, the creative process, project visualization, optimization, and the maintenance of works and gardens.

The course is divided into three thematic blocks, with a total duration of 12 hours, spread over two days.

Block I: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4 hours)

Introduction to the Course and Content Download
Presentation of the course.
Expectations and objectives.
Download of materials and digital resources.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Basic concepts of algorithms and programming
Basic definitions and historical evolution of AI.
Fundamental principles of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Introduction to programming and its relevance in AI.

AI Challenges. Ethical Considerations and Regulation
Current and future challenges in AI.
Ethical aspects and their social impact.
Current norms and regulations.

First Steps with Midjourney and Chat GPT
Introduction to specific AI tools.
Practical uses of Midjourney and Chat GPT in design.

Block II: Main AI Technologies Available (4 hours)

Classification and Types of AI Technologies in the Market
General types of AI
Review of the main technologies available in our sector

Chat GPT and Virtual Assistants
In-depth study of virtual assistants.
Practical applications in design.

Midjourney and Image Generation with AI
Use of Midjourney for image creation.
Applications in project visualization.

Other AI Technologies Available in the Market
Exploration of other emerging technologies.
Evaluation of their application in design and architecture

Block III: Applications of AI. Practical Cases in Our Sector (4 hours)

AI in Research and the Creative Process
How AI can drive innovation and creativity.
Case studies and practical examples.

AI as a Project Visualization Tool
Use of AI for presentation and visualization of projects.
Specific tools and techniques.

Project Optimization Through AI
How AI can improve efficiency and effectiveness in projects.
Examples of optimization in design.

AI in Construction and Garden Maintenance
Practical applications of AI in construction and maintenance.
Specific technologies for gardens and landscapes.


Methodology and Approach

The course is characterized by an interactive and practical approach. Through talks, demonstrations, group discussions, and practical exercises, participants will acquire knowledge directly applicable to their professional projects. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work with real cases from DSTUDIO, providing a unique and highly relevant learning experience.  

This course is aimed at professionals and students of architecture, interior design, and landscaping, as well as anyone interested in understanding how AI can transform these fields.


Place and Schedule

The course will take place on November 17 and 18, 2023.
On Friday, it will run from 16:00 to 20:00 hours, and on Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 hours.