Carbon footprint calculator for gardens

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Research and development of a useful and effective tool for landscaping professionals to measure and understand the environmental impact of their projects through the calculation of the carbon footprint, in order to contribute to the promotion of sustainable and responsible landscaping practices.



The carbon footprint calculator developed by our studio is an innovative and pioneering tool in the landscaping industry. By using this tool, landscaping professionals can make more informed decisions about the processes and materials used in projects, which will in turn reduce their impact on the environment and create more sustainable gardens.

The process of creating this calculator has been rigorous and detailed. It has been the result of a joint effort of several members of our team, including agricultural and forestry engineers.

During the research and development process of the carbon footprint calculator, our team carried out a comprehensive review of scientific literature and studied best practices in carbon footprint measurement.

For the development of the calculation model, greenhouse gas emissions associated with the construction and maintenance of gardens throughout all of the processes involved, as well as the different carbon sinks present in gardens, were taken into account.