DLAB was born just over a decade ago as a research, dissemination and development platform with the aim of studying the latest technological advances, sustainable design principles and historical practices of landscape design, as well as their application in contemporary Landscape Architecture.

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Our team identifies and selects appropriate lines of work that integrate the research of innovative technologies and sustainable design strategies. These projects provide valuable information about the practical application of various design approaches and their impact on the community.

DLAB focuses, for example, on explaining how new and emerging technologies can be used inside landscape architecture studios. This includes innovations such as green infrastructure, renewable energies, and sustainable materials applied to landscaping projects at any scale. By staying up-to-date with the latest technological advances, our studio can create more efficient, sustainable, and resilient designs.

The program also includes in-depth analysis of historical landscapes and their importance. By examining the evolution of garden design over time, our team can better understand the relationship between human activities and the natural environment. This historical perspective helps shape the future design decisions of each new project, taking into account the ecological and cultural context of each new space.

Some of the projects we develop in DLAB include:

'Jardín de Indianos' observatory

Our commitment to the preservation of Asturias' landscape and cultural heritage has led us to carry out a rigorous research on the history and evolution of this typology of Spanish garden in the eastern region of Asturias.
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The Garden-Carbon Footprint Calculator

Developed by DSTUDIO, it is an innovative tool for the landscaping industry that allows professionals to make decisions about processes and materials used in their projects in order to reduce their environmental impact.
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Making alliances with Artificial Intelligence

As designers, we believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach any design discipline. Our research project explores the use of AI in various key areas of landscape design. 
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