DSTUDIO OST: The Soundtrack of Creative Landscape Design

Have you ever wondered what creativity, dedication, and passion for landscape design sound like?

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October 2023



Have you ever wondered what creativity, dedication, and passion for landscape design sound like? At DSTUDIO, we've taken a step forward to explore this idea and are excited to introduce our most innovative project: DSTUDIO ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.

At DSTUDIO, we've always believed that landscape design is more than just drafting plans and planting trees. It's about telling a story, creating a unique experience that harmonizes with nature and the environment. That's why we decided to embark on a musical journey to take our message and philosophy beyond visual boundaries. 

To achieve this feat, we collaborated with producer and composer Paul Museck from Culture Crew and Valencian guitarist Toni Carrillo. With their skills and our vision, we've crafted a playlist of 13 unique tracks that capture the essence of every facet of our work.

But this is not just a random list of songs. Each melody has its own theme, from the emotion of starting a new project to the serenity felt when witnessing a sublime landscape. We've incorporated a wide range of instruments and styles, from the acoustic sound of country to authentically Spanish touches like the guitar and the txalapartas. Additionally, we've added elements such as the sound of birds and other natural touches so that this music can resonate in any of the gardens we've had the honor to design. 

Music has the power to evoke emotions, to transport us to specific places and moments. We want you to feel what we feel when we design a garden every time you listen to DSTUDIO OST: the emotion, the responsibility, and the respect for the earth and its beauty.

We invite everyone to explore this new facet of DSTUDIO. Whether you're working on a project with us or simply taking a stroll through one of our gardens, we hope this soundtrack enriches your experience and brings you a little closer to our world.



In the dialogue between electronics and nature, we find a mirror of what the creative process in DSTUDIO signifies. Composer Paul Museck and guitarist Toni Carrillo have crafted a 30-second piece that is more than just a simple melody; it's a dream encapsulated. Like a tree in a designed forest, each note stands as a testament to what imagination can achieve. Here, music and landscape converge, reminding us that both nature and creativity are always in a state of evolution and change.





Spain, with its deep roots and rich culture, is not merely a place on the map; it's a way of life that DSTUDIO proudly carries in its DNA. This 30-second piece, woven with the skill of Toni Carrillo on the guitar and the innovative vision of Paul Museck in production, is an ode to our origin. It's a song that invites us to reflect on how the past and the present, tradition and innovation, can coexist in a single moment.





A road trip through fields of crops is more than a physical journey; it's a journey of the soul. This musical piece captures the sensation of awe and discovery one feels when navigating through changing landscapes. Like a canvas that is never complete, each bend in the road offers us a new perspective, a new chance to be amazed. This is what every DSTUDIO project seeks to achieve: a sense of adventure and discovery, where every detail tells a story.





The Spanish guitar, in the hands of a master like Toni Carrillo, becomes an extension of the soul. Its melody, flowing with grace and emotion, serves as the soundtrack to the passion and diligence that DSTUDIO puts into each new garden project. It's a reminder that each plucked string, like each plant in a garden, contributes to the larger whole, creating a harmony that is both palpable and intangible.





The Txalaparta is the heart and soul of the Basque landscape, an instrument that dialogues with the earth and the sea. In this 30-second piece, DSTUDIO pays tribute not only to the majesty of the Basque coast but also to the constant pursuit of beauty in each project. Like this wooden instrument, each garden we design seeks to resonate with its surroundings, creating a delicate balance between human beings and nature.





The beginning of a project is a magical moment, akin to the first rain of spring that promises a bountiful harvest. This musical piece, filled with life and energy, captures that ephemeral emotion of a new beginning. Just as DSTUDIO embarks on each new project with a heart full of passion and a mind full of ideas, this song invites us to feel the heartbeat of life that resides in each budding idea.





The first time one sees the ocean, the sensation of awe and possibility is overwhelming. It's a life-changing experience that reminds us of our smallness before the immensity of nature. DSTUDIO aims to recreate that feeling in each of its landscapes, and this musical piece is a tribute to that endeavor. It's a melody that invites us to remember that in every project there's an ocean of possibilities waiting to be discovered.





Creating a garden is an act of tenderness and love. Each note of this melody, played with care and sensitivity, reflects the dedication that DSTUDIO puts into every detail of its work. Just like a gentle caress can convey deep love, this song reminds us that in simplicity we often find the purest form of beauty.





Rain is not an intruder in the garden; it's a welcome guest. This theme is a tribute to the green of Asturias, capturing the freshness and vitality that only a rainy day can bring. Just as rain nourishes the earth, gardens nourish the soul, and so does this song, reminding us that even grey days have their own form of beauty.





At DSTUDIO, each project is a collective act, a symphony composed by many hands and many minds. This song is a tribute to that team effort, to the beauty that emerges when different people contribute their unique note to the ensemble. It's a melody that reminds us that, in the great orchestra of life, we all have a role to play.





Research in landscaping is a quest for the soul of a place. This 3-minute piece is an invitation to a journey of discovery, where each note is a detail that reveals something new about the terrain we explore. It's a melody that asks us: what makes a place unique? And in that search, we find not only the essence of the landscape but also a reflection of ourselves.





Creating a garden is an act of love and art, a process that begins as an abstract idea and develops into a tangible and natural reality. This 3-minute piece follows that journey from the seed to the bloom, capturing the fragility and strength that coexist in each DSTUDIO project.





This 15-minute piece is a sonic tapestry that represents everything DSTUDIO is and aspires to be. It's a blend of cultures and styles, a fusion of the old and the new, and a reminder that in diversity we find unity. But more than anything, it's a celebration of nature as the guiding axis of all our decisions and efforts.