The Soundtrack of Creative Landscape Design

Have you ever wondered what creativity, dedication, and passion for landscape design sound like?

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October 2023



At DSTUDIO, we have always perceived landscape design as a narrative that goes beyond mere plant selection and plan drawing. A garden is a story told through the land, an experience that integrates with the natural environment. Inspired by this vision, we have embarked on a unique project: the creation of DSTUDIO's Original Soundtrack.

This project is a musical exploration that reflects our philosophy and message beyond the traditional boundaries of visual design. In collaboration with producer Paul Museck of Culture Crew and guitarist Toni Carrillo, we have developed a collection of 13 tracks that represent the various facets of our work in landscaping.

Each composition is a narrative in itself. The diversity of instruments and styles in this soundtrack, which includes everything from acoustic tones to authentically Spanish elements, aims to complement and enhance the beauty of the spaces we have created. The incorporated natural sounds seek to resonate with the gardens we have had the honor of designing.


We firmly believe in the evocative power of music to awaken emotions and transport us to special places and moments.