DSTUDIO research project featured on Spanish news

We deeply appreciate the positive response our research project has garnered. These news fuel our determination to persistently work towards the conservation of our heritage, ensuring its legacy endures.

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May 2023



The Indianos Gardens are an invaluable component of our cultural and landscape heritage that has largely remained unexplored until now. Our research project, 'Jardín Indiano' Observatory, focusing on these types of gardens is currently in its initial phase, involving the establishment of contacts with various relevant agents, and the search for funding to enable the formation of a specialized research team for the next stage of the project.

Our aim is twofold: firstly, we strive to preserve the legacy of these gardens for future generations; secondly, we seek to raise awareness about the importance of these gardens, so their value can be recognized and appreciated by a broader audience.

In the past week, our team has had the honor of appearing in various media outlets such as the Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias (RTPA) and the newspaper El Comercio. On both occasions, we were able to discuss our project in depth, presenting the unique aspects of these gardens and emphasizing the importance of their study and preservation.

We are pleasantly surprised by the interest that our research has generated in these media outlets. We hope that this visibility will contribute to greater recognition and appreciation of the Indianos Gardens and their value to the cultural and landscape heritage of Asturias. We will continue to work diligently on our project, committed to regularly sharing updates and relevant findings with the entire community.



EL COMERCIO: Un observatorio para rescatar el jardín indiano
TPA (en castellano): Investigar para rehabilitar jardines de indianos
TPA (n'asturiau): Investigar pa rehabilitar los xardinos indianos