Our garden progresses in the Costa Brava

In the heart of the Costa Brava and spanning 2000 m², our latest project pays tribute to the owner's family history by employing unique design techniques suitable for dry climates.


February 2024



The design process was based on a deep respect for its history and nature. Upon discovering the essence hidden behind its apparent neglect, we aimed to preserve its memory and essence without altering its unique character.

Observing how light and shadows interact in the garden guided our intervention. We chose moss instead of grass, and cobblestones that allow the trees to cast their shadows, creating a dynamism that highlights the beauty and depth of the space. This approach, in addition to respecting water restrictions, seeks to enrich our perception of the garden over time and through movement. Read more about this project here.

adoquines costa brava dstudio.JPG

"From the beginning, my intention was not to replicate, but to evoke. I wanted each piece, every curve of the cobblestone, to speak not only of the form but of the essence of Chillida's work, of his dialogue with space and matter. However, the challenge of capturing this intention in the design became a constant internal struggle between inspiration and imitation, between homage and plagiarism.

Facing the physical reality of the work, seeing the cobblestones already in place, the perception of literalness began to fade. The perspective from the ground transformed what on paper appeared to be a literal copy into a more fluid and dynamic interpretation. The angles, the light, and the movement of the surroundings interacted with the cobblestones in such a way that each step around the work revealed a new facet, a new dialogue between my interpretation and the original inspiration. Suddenly, the work was not just mine or Chillida's; it had taken on a life of its own, belonging to all those who walk through, observe, and feel it."