New partnership to research Asturian Gardens


May 2024



At DSTUDIO, we are proud to lead this initiative that highlights the relationship between landscaping and heritage conservation. Through our research project, the Jardín Indiano Observatory, and in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of Eastern Asturias, we reaffirm our commitment to the education, research, and dissemination of our natural and cultural heritage.


invitación museo etnografico oriente asturias  copia.jpg

This Saturday, May 18, 2024, at the iconic Ethnographic Museum of Eastern Asturias in Porrúa (Llanes), we will celebrate a significant milestone in the conservation and dissemination of Asturias' landscape heritage. Coinciding with International Museum Day and the International Fascination of Plants Day, we are honored to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement between the Jardín Indiano Observatory, a DSTUDIO research project led by Daniel Valera, and the Ethnographic Museum of Eastern Asturias.

The event will begin with the protocol signing ceremony, attended by media and authorities, followed by the inauguration of a historically significant landscaping intervention at the museum. This intervention has been carefully designed to be a faithful reflection of the region's botanical history, integrating the plant world into our exhibition discourse in a pioneering way in Asturias.

+ About the project:


Heritage conservation: Indian gardens are an essential part of the cultural heritage of Asturias and Spain. This agreement will promote the protection and conservation of these historical spaces, allowing future generations to enjoy and learn from them. Effective conservation requires a coordinated strategy that includes research, maintenance, and restoration, and the synergy between the Observatory and the Museum will facilitate this work.

Research and documentation: The collaboration facilitates research on the history and evolution of Indian gardens. The Jardín IndianoObservatory has already made significant progress in data collection and the creation of an interactive map documenting over 2000 Indian-origin projects in the region. This agreement will allow for the expansion of these investigations and enrich the database with new sources and collaborations.

Education and dissemination: One of the main goals of this agreement is to educate and raise public awareness about the importance of Indian gardens. Through the organization of events, guided tours, and educational activities, the knowledge and appreciation of these spaces are promoted, highlighting their historical and cultural value.

Innovation in heritage presentation: Integrating the plant world into the museum's exhibition discourse is a pioneering initiative in Asturias, for which we are greatly thankful to the museum's management. This landscaping intervention provides an educational experience that connects visitors with the region's history and botany.