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From 2023








Document the water quality in rivers, lakes, and other watercourses throughout the spanish territory. Compile and share these data in a collaborative map, aiming to promote awareness and sustainable management of our water resources.



The quality of water in our rivers, lakes, and streams is essential for the health and wellbeing of our communities and ecosystems. However, we often lack accessible and up-to-date information about the water quality in our local environments. The Wiki Water Map project aims to address this knowledge gap.

Through citizen collaboration and partnerships with laboratories, we plan to collect and analyze water samples from across the country. The results of these analyses will be shared in an accessible and easy-to-interpret map, providing a valuable resource for all those interested in the health of our aquatic systems.

WWM project does not seek to be a scientific research project but rather a space for dissemination and citizen awareness about the real state of one of our most valuable resources: water.



  • Establish synergies with laboratories, universities, agencies, and organizations with the aim of contributing to the project for the creation of technical knowledge networks and logistical support.

  • Facilitate citizen participation in the project through the collection of data on the quality of waters in different natural spaces throughout the Spanish geography. Search for public or private funding to support the project's activities and encourage strategic partnerships.

  • Work with our partners to interpret the results of water analysis and promote sustainable water management through awareness and dissemination projects.


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