A garden among dunes in Portugal

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Setúbal (Portugal)






1.750 m2



In the context of luxury beach houses, the work of a landscape architect takes on a significant dimension. A well-designed landscape architecture project can enhance the relationship between the house, its inhabitants and the natural environment. Every detail, from plant selection to space distribution, is carefully studied to achieve a perfect synergy between the residence and its surroundings. We, as landscape architects, commit ourselves to fostering this connection with nature, enhancing the aesthetic and emotional value of the outdoor space, and creating environments conducive to everyday life and socialization.

In DSTUDIO, we understand that a beach house is more than just a residence; it is a place where memories are built and a refuge is sought away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our experience in this type of project enables us to design outdoor spaces that reflect the personality and aspirations of our clients. We strive to create projects that transcend the conventional and, through much effort, become true works of inhabitable art.

We have thoroughly studied the effects of wind dynamics on various points in the garden.

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Setúbal Dunes, south of Lisbon (Portugal), host a delicate and unique ecosystem, where biodiversity is a treasure that must be preserved. We have designed a space that respects and enhances the original landscape, minimizing the impact on this protected environment. From the beginning of the project, our approach has been to pay tribute to the landscape of the area and its values. Our garden had to soften the visual load of the construction and achieve a fusion between the residence and the surroundings. The design focuses on creating a series of artificially designed elevations to generate viewpoints that enhance the house and the landscape.

These green dunes also allow us to create corners and living spaces surrounded by a clear allusion to the history of the place. At every step of the project, our primary concern has been to minimize potential problems that may arise in the ecosystems caused by future construction.

The implementation of permeable paths in areas designated for vehicle traffic has been a strategic decision, reducing the impact on the landscape and allowing the natural flow of water. In addition, the selection of native plant species resistant to coastal conditions, such as flora that grows on dunes, allows for total integration with the natural environment and simpler maintenance.

Aware of the importance of wind in beachfront homes and its influence on the quality of life for their inhabitants, we have thoroughly studied the dynamics of prevailing winds in the area and their effect on various points in the garden. This knowledge has allowed us to design high-quality living spaces, strategically protected from inclement weather and with a pleasant atmosphere for enjoyment and relaxation.

The combination of all these elements results in a project that preserves and celebrates the natural landscape of the Setúbal dunes, without sacrificing elegance and comfort in the space. This garden among the dunes demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, offering an exclusive and environmentally friendly setting to enjoy a luxury beachfront second home.